HelloAI 3.0.0: Featuring Llama2 & Enhanced Chat Experience

I’m excited to share the latest update of HelloAI – your personal AI chat companion. I’ve worked hard to make it faster, smoother, and more intuitive than ever before. But here’s the real headline: I’ve integrated the incredible Llama2, developed by Facebook, alongside our beloved ChatGPT.

Llama2 AI Model

  1. Training and Capacity:
    • Llama2 includes models ranging from 7 billion to 70 billion parameters, trained on 2 trillion tokens. It has double the context length compared to its predecessor, Llama1​​.
    • The fine-tuned model, Llama Chat, and Code Llama, a code generation model, are notable variants of Llama2. Code Llama is trained on 500 billion tokens of code and supports various programming languages​​​​.
  2. Performance:
    • Llama2 outperforms other open-source language models in external benchmarks, especially in reasoning, coding, proficiency, and knowledge tests​​.
  3. Data Source:
    • Llama2 was pretrained on publicly available online data sources, with over 1 million human annotations for fine-tuning​​.


  1. Training and Capacity:
    • ChatGPT is built on GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 models and is designed specifically for conversational usage. It uses a combination of supervised and reinforcement learning techniques​​.
  2. Popularity and Impact:
    • As of January 2023, ChatGPT was the fastest-growing consumer software application in history with over 100 million users, significantly impacting OpenAI’s valuation and the development of competing AI products​​.
  3. Training Data and Safety Measures:
    • ChatGPT’s training data includes software manual pages, internet phenomena, and multiple programming languages. It also employs safety measures against harmful content, using labels from outsourced Kenyan workers​​​​.
  4. Capabilities and Limitations:
    • ChatGPT can write and debug code, compose various forms of creative writing, answer test questions, and emulate systems. However, it’s prone to producing plausible but incorrect answers, known as “hallucinations”​​​​.
    • It’s designed to remember a limited number of previous prompts in the same conversation, which could potentially be used for personalized therapy​​.
    • ChatGPT supports plugins for additional functionalities like web browsing and code interpretation​​.

Each of these models has its strengths and areas for improvement, making them suitable for different applications depending on user needs. The important thing is, that you can use both of them under one roof in HelloAI app.

What Else Is Coming with HelloAI 3.0.0?

  1. Redesigned User Interface:
    • I’ve completely redesigned the interface for an even better user experience. It’s sleeker, more modern, and ensures seamless navigation through the app.
  2. Easy Access Prompt Library:
    • I’ve made it simpler to access a diverse range of prompts right from the chat. This feature is perfect for when you need a little inspiration or guidance in your conversations.
  3. Performance Improvements:
    • Expect a faster and more responsive app, enhancing your overall AI chat experience.


This update to HelloAI isn’t just an improvement – it’s a transformation. I’m inviting both new and existing users to explore the fascinating world of AI chat with both Llama2 and ChatGPT. Your thoughts and feedback are incredibly important to me, so please feel free to reach out at [email protected]. And keep an eye out for even more updates in the coming week!

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