Using an AI Shopping Assistant to Better Your Shopping Experience

Do you ever wish you had a second pair of eyes while you shop? 

You know the ones that can help you come up with gift ideas, provide styling suggestions, or just help with choosing products? 

Well, it’s your lucky day, as AI shopping assistants are here to help with just that. 

These AI-powered assistants can give you shopping advice, from helping you pick a dress or shirt for a specific occasion all the way to purchasing the right gift for a loved one. 

5 Use Cases for an AI Shopping Assistant 

Gift Ideas

Generally, humans are pretty bad gift-givers. An interesting survey by Survey Monkey discovered that 79% of gift receivers return their gifts – that’s a lot! 

We imagine the main reason is that gift-givers don’t understand who they buy for. Yes, they may know the person’s interests. However, do they know what people of this interest want? If they don’t share this interest, probably not. 

This is where the AI shopping assistant can jump in. You can use a prompt like: 

“I’m looking for a gift for my uncle, who does [hobby]. The gift should be [type of gift (e.g. practical, tech, experience, etc.)]. The budget is [budget range], and it should preferably come from [preferred brands].” 

With this prompt, you’ll get a list of gift ideas for your uncle, all targeted toward his hobby and interest. And you never know, one might be the perfect gift for him. 

Outfit Ideas 

61% of Americans struggle with “Wardrobe Panic” despite having FULL wardrobes. Why? It’s not because they have nothing to wear. It’s because they don’t have any outfit ideas. 

However, AI can break this curse. It can give you tons of outfit ideas. Not random ones, either. Real outfit ideas based on your style, preferences, clothing, and occasion. 

Alongside this, with GPT Vision, you can take a photo of yourself, tell the AI your style preference, and even add details like occasion and weather to get more outfit ideas – exactly like a shopping assistant would do. 

Personalized Styling 

Even better than outfit ideas, it can give you honest and practical styling advice, especially since the release of GPT Vision.

So you know, GPT Vision helps AI’s, like ChatGPT, understand images. They can now analyze images, providing feedback on what they see. 

For instance, from a personalized styling perspective, you can either take a picture of your wardrobe and prompt AI to suggest an outfit or ask for feedback on the outfit you’re wearing. 

Either way, the AI will act like a personalized stylist, giving you recommendations or feedback on your clothing style. 

Product Information 

87% of consumers suggest that product information helps with their purchasing decisions. We get it. If you don’t have product information, it can be hard to determine whether it’s for you. 

From an online shopping perspective, this is pretty easy. You just head to the product’s website and read the product information. However, what if you need this information fast or on the go? 

You can, of course, go over to the product website. Or, you can quickly search for it using AI. You can even get the AI to break it down into bullet points, simple wording, advantages, use cases, and so forth, which is much more comprehensive. 

Product Comparisons 

Lastly, it can help compare products seamlessly. Online and offline shoppers will understand that this can be difficult sometimes. It involves you asking questions and flicking back and forth between web pages – it’s a hassle. 

However, using AI as an AI shopping assistant, you can just simply ask it to compare two or more products. You can even set the features you’d like to compare, for instance, weight and size, or more technical aspects, like RAM or storage. 

It’ll even compile all this information into an easily digestible graph. From here, you can then decide which product best suits your needs. 

Why Use AI as an AI Shopping Assistant? 

After understanding the use cases of AI as an AI shopping assistant, you can get a feel of its advantages. These include: 

  • Timely: It’s quick, offering lighting-speed advice, recommendations, and comparisons. 
  • Accessible: LLMs, like ChatGPT or Fello AI, are easy to use and understand for everyone. 
  • Cost-effective: Most AI apps have free versions, which are more than powerful enough to act as an AI shopping assistant. 


After reading the above, you should understand how to use AI as an AI shopping assistant. 

Honestly, it’s very easy, and 99% of people will be able to use and understand it for this purpose. 

Therefore, whether you need help shopping, picking an outfit, or maybe comparing products, give AI a go. You can even do this for free using our IOS app, Fello AI

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