3 Ways an AI Meal Plan Can Help You Make Healthier Choices

Meal planning… You either love it or hate it. Either way, it’s necessary if you want to: one, lose weight, two, gain muscle, or three, make healthier choices. 

The only problem with meal planning, for the most part, is that it’s easy to say “no” to. You have to create a goal, find macros, track macros, measure macros, and the list goes on – it’s too much. 

This is one of the main problems with meal planning, which is why less than half of Americans do it on a regular basis. However, what if there was a way to make meal planning easy? Something that made it less of a hassle? 

Well, now there is, you can use AI to meal plan. These AI-generated meal plans can strip away a lot of planning behind a meal plan. They can do this by: 

Diet Planning

Firstly, it makes diet planning easy. You can input into an AI, like Fello AI, the following: 

“I’m 5 foot 10, 190 lbs, and I want to reach a protein goal of 150 grams while reducing my weight by 10 lbs in 6 months. Give me a balanced diet plan and the macros associated with the food.” 

With this, you get a balanced diet (breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner), a plan of the food you need, and all their macronutrients. It also gives you a breakdown of your total daily intake so you can review it to ensure it suits your diet goals. 

With this AI diet plan, you don’t need to pay a coach $100s to create it nor be a professional in dieting to understand it. It makes dieting simple, allowing everyone and anyone to access it. 

Calorie Tracking

Many people say counting calories is bad. However, let’s be honest; it’s pretty difficult to optimize if you’re not tracking or measuring anything. 

For this reason, there are tons of calorie-tracking apps available. And though great, most popular ones are remarkably expensive for what they are. 

We won’t name any here, but some charge upward of $14,99 per month for their application – just to track calories. However, with most AI tools, you can track calories for free. You can even have a specific chat saved to track calories throughout the days, weeks, and months. 

What you do with this information is up to you. You can either just store it on an AI platform or take it over to, let’s say, an Excel sheet. AI supercharges Excel, and with the information it outputs, you can create graphs, trackers, and more to gain a better overview of your diet. 

Grocery Lists

After AI has generated your meal plan, you can then ask it to generate an AI grocery list for the meal plan. This completely streamlines the process of meal planning, from the planning of the diet all the way to purchasing the goods. 

Macro Checking

Lastly, it can help you check the macros of specific foods. Oh yeah, with photos also – making it even easier. 

This was possible under the latest Open AI creation, GPT-4o, released on May 13th, 2024. With this update, ChatGPT and AI, like ChatGPT, can understand vision in real time. 

Fello AI also supports this new feature, and from a macro-checking perspective, you can take a picture and simply ask the AI, “What macros does this food have?”. It’ll then provide you with all the information on the macronutrients. 

Why Should You Use AI to Meal Plan? 

From the AI meal plan use cases above, the benefits are clear. It helps users: 

  • Eat healthier: Plan, track, and check diets in seconds. 
  • Plan affordably: Never again pay for a diet-tracking app or a diet planner. 
  • Create diet plans quickly: Spend more time preparing the food than making the diet plan. 

Are AI-Generated Meal Plans the Next “Best” Thing? 

Yes, without question. AI diet plans will help people make healthier choices. It breaks cost, time, and knowledge barriers tenfold, allowing everyone to effectively plan, manage, and execute a diet. 

Plus, it’s only going to get better. Over time, as seen with the update of GPT-4o, it’ll get smarter, providing new ways to help us diet, saving us even more time – it may even cook your food one day! 


As you can see, an AI-generated meal plan can smoothen the process of creating, tracking, and pursuing a diet. 

There are no longer any excuses. All you need to do is prepare the food. That’s it. You don’t need to pay someone to make a diet plan or read the ingredients label on every piece of food you eat. This, in and of itself, is a huge advantage for many who want to start meal planning and dieting. 

If this sounds like you, then give it a go. After all, it’s free! You can do this by trying out our platform, Fello AI.